"well I hope, and I pray, you get what you gave" morning song, the lumineers // //
is it okey if i talk 2 u ?? :$$ ur so famous cara and im just a dork ://

No sorry I only let the cool people talk to me !1!!1 maybe out some ice on urself and cool down and we can chat !!! Other wise no !! Have a gr8 day !


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We'll be there, Harry.

"[My dream dinner date would be with] Gilda Radner, Anais Nin, and Jennifer Lawrence – because although we don’t know each other well, we’re always sending each other texts and weird images." - Emma Stone

I’m…really excited. I’ll be able to drink this time. I was only 20 [at the time of her last Oscar nomination], so hopefully I’ll be more comfortable. Or at least drunk.

“Draco should be proud,” said Bellatrix indifferently. “The Dark Lord is granting him a great honor. And I will say this for Draco: he isn’t shrinking away from his duty, he seems glad of a chance to prove himself, excited at the prospect—” Narcissa began to cry in earnest, gazing beseechingly all the while at Snape. “That’s because he is sixteen and has no idea what lies in store! Why, Severus? Why my son? It is too dangerous! This is vengeance for Lucius’s mistake, I know it!” […] She crumpled, falling at his feet, sobbing and moaning on the floor. “My only son… my only son…”

A: Maybe it’s the 9 pounds